Det här får ni inte missa, om du är en av dem som letar ihjäl dig efter ditt drömlack. Det där lacket med den kombinationen som du aldrig hittat nånstans. Ji Baek och Rescue Beauty Lounge återupprepar sin bloggkollektion med en tävling där vem som helst får vara med. Läs mer nedan och lycka till! Det är bara idag den 13e du får tävla, från kl 12 EST – alltså kl 18.00 svensk tid – och sedan 48 timmar framåt. Men skicka inget i förväg!
Kanske kommer ni kunna beställa denna nästa år via Nailmail?

Would You Like To See Your Dream Nail Polish Color Come True?

A few years ago I tagged three of my favorite nail bloggers and I made their dream nail polish colors come true. They witnessed a thrilling cycle of how nail polish was created, produced, and marketed. Although it took nearly a year, the most electrifying and beloved colors from the nail community were born. Since you, my devoted facebook fans, are such loveable, adorable, as well as obsessive-compulsive (and maybe at times, a little crazy) lacquered-heads, I want to give you the same experience. Here it is, your very own opportunity to be the winner and creator of RBL’s Fan’s Collection.

As you well know by now, I want creative, original colors—I don’t want to remake another brand’s discontinued color or produce enhanced duplicates. I sincerely hope to make what’s in your heart—a true dream color that haunts you because it doesn’t exist anywhere. For me, this collection will be the most exciting event in 2011.

Visualize your dream color here….

Here is how it works:

Submit your one color idea along with one picture of your inspiration; write a short, but precise paragraph describing your color (please be kind in word count, for I have to read everyone’s submission and you know I’ll be swamped!). You will have 48 hours to submit your ideas on January 13, starting at noon EST. The contest will end at noon EST on January 15th. Submissions will be e-mailed to me at (By the way, this e-mail address will not be active until January 13th, so please don’t send early submissions.)

After I review your presentations, I will choose the five most interesting color requests and you’ll be able to vote for them on this blog. Three amazing winners will make up the new collection. I’ll start mixing colors and that’s when the fun and interesting dance will begin with each winner. We’ll go back and forth until the colors are approved. Once the colors are ready to go, the winners will get a chance to name their dream nail polish colors. That’s when we’ll start the marketing process and make the new colors available at our site!

I hope that you will take the next few weeks to get your intoxicating creative juices flowing and I hope you really let them shine… Have a blast and good luck! xxx Ji